Large Silicone Molds for Concrete

how to use large silicone molds for concrete

The art of molding concrete is an age-old practice that has been around for centuries. Whether you are only getting started or you want to be better at this craft, use this guide to learn more about how to use large silicone molds for concrete. 

Why Use Large Silicone Molds for Concrete?

There are several types of molds available on the market for when you’re making various crafts using concrete. So, why choose a silicone mold?  

There are various considerations you need to make when selecting the right mold for concrete crafts. One of them is that the material for the mold should be non-stick. There are a few options for this, such as silicone, plastic, and rubber. 

You should also select a mold based on a few things. Take time to learn what these are:

  1. Texture of the Mold

The texture of the mold for concrete is a consideration you will be making from an aesthetic standpoint. It won’t affect the functional benefit you can get from your creation.

Choose the mold according to the type of surface you are aiming for. For example, you need a smooth mold if you want to create a craft with a smooth surface. Specifically, you want that glass-like mold texture if you want the concrete item to have a shiny finish. 

  1. Rigidity of the Mold

Consider the rigidity and/or flexibility of the mold when working with concrete. This is important in the demolding process since rigid materials are hard to work with since they don’t have a lot of give in terms of removing the concrete item from its mold once hardened. 

  1. Shape of the Mold

Tapered silicone molds are the best option since they make it easy to demold concrete. Therefore, it is important to think about the complexity of the shape when choosing molds for concrete.

Think about how you can remove the concrete from the mold after so you don’t risk damaging the mold or the cement craft.

  1. Size of the Mold

Silicone molds are a good choice for concrete because they are suited for various sizes of concrete crafts. With that said, think about the ideal thickness of the mold in relation to the project you are working on. 

Why Buy Pre-Made Large Silicone Molds for Concrete?

If you plan on embarking on making concrete crafts at home, whether a planter, pots, or trays, you have the option to buy pre-made silicone molds for concrete. In fact, a quick Google search will show a few options.

Here are a few benefits of buying a silicone mold:

  • Silicone molds are designed to easily release concrete so you won’t have difficulty with the demolding process.
  • Silicone molds are available for specific types of products so you can buy a specific mold for your intended craft (rather than make your own from scratch).
  • Silicone molds save you time since all you have to do is mix the concrete and pour it into the mold. 
  • Silicone molds are best for when you want to create a specific shape or style. 
  • Silicone molds that are pre-made offer no surprises. The result of your project will come out exactly as you expect.  

Different Applications of Large Silicone Molds for Concrete

There are many applications that are available to create different crafts and practical items for daily use. Here are a few examples of the concrete molds that we have available. 

Concrete Pot Molds

This type of concrete mold is designed for maximum durability with up to 300+ castings in an average lifespan. With proper care, you can extend that up to 1,000 castings. This mold is easy to clean, although it typically won’t require any cleaning in between castings. Since it is made with premium-grade silicone, you can rest assured that it will last a long time although it will depend on the mix used, care, and frequency of use. You may use this material to create unique and personalized pots and planters at home. 

Concrete Block Mold

A concrete block mold is another example of a silicone mold that we have available for concrete. This can be used to create aesthetic worktop decorations and holders. It is made with premium silicone so it delivers long-term use and durability. It can withstand up to 400 degrees F and can be used not just for concrete molding, but also for various materials such as chocolate, clay, plaster, and resin.

Concrete Soap Tray Mold

Make your bathroom accessories stand out with this beautiful concrete soap tray mold. It is available in various shapes and sizes so you can customize according to your bathroom or sink space. By casting your own concrete soap tray, you can personalize the look of your bathroom and elevate the décor with coherent details. 

benefits of buying a silicone concrete mold

Concrete Tray Mold

Whether for use at home or in the office, the concrete tray mold can be used to cast your own unique trays. These trays can be used for a variety of purposes such as to hold items at your office desk or as a serving tray in the kitchen. Either way, the beautiful concrete tray can make your space stand out as they can be customized in terms of size and shape.

Concrete Bookshelf Silicone Mold

Add aesthetic appeal or storage functionality to your home with the addition of this concrete craft. Using our large silicone molds, you can build your own shelving solutions to fit your space and ideal design. 

Concrete Tile Mold

We also offer concrete tile molds in a variety of designs such as geometric, hexagonal, and square shapes. These tiles can be used on the floor or for accent on the wall. By customizing the tile mold, you can create the aesthetic and architectural design that you have in mind. 

Concrete Round Table Mold

Silicone molds for concrete can be used for large furniture such as tables. Our molds are designed for durability and excellent casting results allowing you to create smart and unique designs on home furniture. This gives you flexibility with creating your own furniture to match your home décor.